Dapper Miser

In late 2013, I created a functional implementation of CMSIS-DAP called "Dapper Miser" that runs in a low-cost USB microcontroller such as the PIC16F1454. My interest was seeing it deployed as a CMSIS-DAP debugger *integrated* into a low-cost hobbyist/educational ARM development board.

Hack-A-Day (the source of most link traffic here) mischaracterized it as a $1 standalone debugger. It had a ridiculous Rube Goldberg (Heath Robinson) description of using a salvage USB cable. At best, I think they "buried the lead"; at worst, it was click bait.

From 2013 to 2017, ARM only made the CMSIS-DAP specification available under a EULA (defunct link); this precluded anyone from releasing an open-source implementation that honored the EULA. However, sometime in 2017, ARM changed their tune and published (devoid of a EULA) a CMSIS-DAP specification here.

As a result of this change, the Dapper Miser source code is now available here.


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